Never Miss These Latest Android Apps And Here’s The Reasons Why


We are here to tell you about the latest android apps that are useful for all of us. Stay updated with our list of Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!


1. WebVR app  is a experimental application launched by Google this week. This app let us to play with music and inside Music it shows the various layers of music as balls , furter each ball controlling a layer of music. So we can actually turn them On or Off in order to add or remove elements to the song. It’s kind of cool.


2. ARCore application The first AR core app is now officially out. It is Google’s new AR platform and it supplants Tango as the main AR experience on Android. Through this app we can play with atoms , just simply choose the one we want to play with. Right now it’s only compatible with four devices  S8, S8 Plus, Pixel, and Pixel XL.


3.Humble Mobile Bundle  The games available here this time are with French-made titles. Some are Out There, OK Golf, Mechanic Escape, A Normal Lost Phone. You can pay $1 and get three games. Beating the average nets you six games, or pay a flat $5 to get every game in the bundle.

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4. More Moves by Disney is for their upcoming streaming service. New movies from Marvel and new Star Wars movies will only be available on the Disney streaming service now. Netflix wont be having them anymore.

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