Lost an important text? Here’s how to get it back on your iPhone


Your iphone contains your banking information, credit card information, and maybe photographs of identification papers such as your driver’s licence and passport. That is why malware-infected applications can wreak so much havoc.
Your phone also contains vital memories, such as images and videos of the people who are most important to you. But, be honest, aren’t you the one that constantly seems weird in photos?
Then there’s the SMS messages. I recently heard from a lady on my national radio programme who had erased messages from her late spouse by mistake. She was devastated. Fortunately, there are methods for recovering lost text messages from your iPhone.


The key to retrieving text messages

Accessing a previous backup of your phone is your best hope for recovering lost texts. You can accomplish this with your iPhone using iCloud.

There is one major caution to bear in mind: When you restore your phone to a prior backup, you lose any new data that has been added since that backup.

It is important to note that these procedures do not always work. If everything else fails, try calling your phone company. It could be possible to recover your deleted texts.

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Have an iPhone? Turn on iCloud and iCloud Backup

On an iPhone, you have 5 GB of free storage space. To save numerous backups as well as all of your images and videos, you will most likely need to subscribe to an iCloud+ subscription.
To recover lost messages from an iPhone, enable iCloud Drive and iCloud Backup. Here’s how to activate Drive:

• Go to Settings and enable iCloud Drive.

• Next, choose your Apple ID.

• Next, select iCloud.

• Finally, enable iCloud Drive.

After that, you must enable iCloud Backup. Open Settings > pick your Apple ID > hit iCloud and then select iCloud Backup.

NOTE: After that backup, you will lose all new data. Make certain that the erased texts are worthwhile.

How to get back deleted texts on iPhone

You have 5 GB of free storage space on an iPhone. You will most likely need to subscribe to an iCloud+ membership to keep multiple backups as well as all of your photographs and videos.
Enable iCloud Drive and iCloud Backup to retrieve lost texts from an iPhone. Here’s how to turn on Drive:

• Navigate to Settings and turn on iCloud Drive.

• Next, choose your Apple ID.

• Next, choose iCloud.

• Finally, turn on iCloud Drive.

Then you must activate iCloud Backup. Open Settings > choose your Apple ID > iCloud and then iCloud Backup.

NOTE: After that backup, all new data will be lost. Make assured that the deleted texts are valuable.

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