Makeup Products That Should Not Be Use On A Regular Basis


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To every one who loves doing makeup and using Makeup Products simply should be aware and more careful because there are some Makeup Products you should not use on daily basis. As their benefits or effects could turn into side effects very soon. Some of these products comes on top priority and even daily routines of average women, it simply means that we are not aware of the adverse effects of these products.

Before making you panic too much we will make you find out what makes these products harmful and why they should not be used too often.

1.Dry wash shampoo

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Dry wash shampoo is a real choice for those having oily hairs, but still avoid using it for several days in a row because its formula dries the hair and makes the hair lifeless. After its regular usage your hairs will become more prone to damage.

2.Rich hair mask

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Feeding the roots of hairs with quality masks is great but however should not be used for every day purpose. They can disrupt the pH value of the follicles of our head and give the opposite effect, such as breaking of the hair.

3.Medical lip balms

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These balms are made with formulas or organic ingredients and are excellent for extremely dry cracked lips. But one should not use them on daily basis as they may make your lips look worse. The skin of your lips is easily accustomed to care products, and if you use the medical balm daily your lips will get a dry and lifeless look.

4.Makeup primer

Well , every face primer is not bad! But the only thing you need to do is not to use silicone primers from regular use because they tend to clog the pores of the skin and thus causes acne issues.

5.Waterproof Mascara

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Waterproof mascaras makes the dry eyelashes dry and if you apply it in multiple layers, your eyelashes can literally “burst” or “crack”.

6.Self-tanning products

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It can lead to uneven orange skin and will make you look artificial and unattractive. But, we should also note that some of the these self-tanning products contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) as an active ingredient and can lead to DNA damage also.

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