Mallika Dua Shares Her “Sexual Harassment Incident At The Age Of 7”, #ME TOO


Mallika Dua Shares Her "Sexual Harassment Incident JHUJ


The news of  Harvey Weinstein (Hollywood magnate) sexually abusing and molesting women has shocked everyone. Since then several women have come up and shared stories about how they too were sexually abused. This also has started a new social media trend where ladies who got molested are sharing their experiences.

After floodgate of responses, and several women using the hashtag (#ME TOO) to share what they went through, the latest person to post in the line Mallika Dua (famous comedian). She shared on her Facebook post  how she was sexually harassed when she was only 7. She wrote- “I was 7. My sister was 11. His hands went everywhere inside my skirt and on my sister’s back,” she wrote. Later, she added, her father “dislocated” the person’s jaw with his “bare hands”.

Mallika Dua Shares Her "Sexual Harassment Incident hvbh

The post gained a lot of attention and many of her fans appreciated her for her bravery for opening up on such a delicate topic. It shows that she wants other women to learn from her and do not get shamed, instead open up and face the situation by punishing the culprit. We request our society to respect women and live with love and peace.

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