Top 10 most expensive horse breeds in the world

There are many expensive horse breeds, Horses have played a very crucial role in shaping human civilization since the very beginning. And humans are still fond of this creature. Horses have been a favourite companion as well as a best friend of adults and children since the beginning. They have inspired by their elegance and beauty.

Each breed of horses is very distinctive. Those who are fond of this beautiful animal not only spend their valuable time but also a ton of fortune. Horses do have a variety of breeds available across the world, which is quite expensive. Generally, the most expensive horses are racehorses. The price of a racehorse is determined by its speed. The faster the horse it can potentially earn hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars in prize money.

Though, not all the expensive horses belong to the racehorse category. Showjumping and dressage are also the top performers, which also come with quite a good price tag. A number of factors determine the price of a horse such as performance, potential, age, breeding, location, reputation. Even the reputation of the person who is telling the horse or is a broker also affects the horse’s price. It is believed that people who are fond of horses are usually rich and live a luxurious life.

Owning horses can be a guilty pleasure, a family custom, a business venture, an exorbitant side interest, or a need for ranchers and farmers. A few horses are bred for speed, others for capacity, quality, and endurance. Here we have a list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World.


Top 10 most expensive horse breeds in the world 1

The Thoroughbredi is the most expensive hore breed in the world, the horses of this breed are even sold for millions of dollars. Fusaichi Pegasus winner of the 2000 Kentucky Derby, was once sold for $70 million, assumed to be the most expensive horse in history. The breed is known for its long neck, short back, and chiselled head with widely spaced eyes. A thoroughbred is a racehorse, it can reach up to a speed of 40 km per hour. This horse bred in England for dressage, jumping, and hunting as well.

Selle Francais

Selle Francais horse breed

The price range of Selle Francais varies from Approximately $15,000 to the millions. The most expensive Selle Francais named Palloubet d’Halong is reportedly sold for $15 million in 2013. This breed is known as a French Saddle Horse, the breed is usually bay or chestnut. Selle Francais is a result of cross-breeding for several years. In 1958, this unique French sport horse breed was acknowledged. Selle Francais horses are intelligent, jumpers and athletic, and are even Olympic and Grand Prix performers.

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Friesian Horse Breed

Friesian Horse Breed

The horses of this breed range between $7,000 and $100,000. While a well-trained Friesian expected at a higher price, about $40,000. Friesian is originally from the Friesland area of the Netherlands. They are usually solid black in colour with flowing hairs, tails, and feathered feet. Friesians,  are often known as Dutch trotters. They were brought to American for agricultural use. They are fine in dressage competition, and carriage horses.

Arabia Horse Breed

Arabia Horse Breed

These breeds price Rang is from $1,000  to $150,000 or more, depending upon the use. Arabian is the oldest existing breed; they are brilliant.  The breed is famous for its endurance and grace. During 1986, due to major changes in tax laws, various circumstantial changes took place and affected the Arabian horse market. Prices fell, and uncaring owners abandoned some horses. But once again today, the breed is trending upwards and recognized as a great horse. About  70 percent of this breed in the United States are owned for recreational purposes.

Morgan Horse Breed

Morgan Horse Breed

The breed is priced between $2500 and $4,000. The Morgan Horse is bred in the United States. The horse is known for its muscular and compact build, arched neck smallish stature, and classily refined appearance. They have thick mane and tail, wide head, and expressive eyes. Nowadays, Morgan competes in equestrian events and known for trotting races and sidesaddle competition.

American Paint

American Paint

priced between $1,000 to $5,000 Paints used for equestrian competition, suitable for general riding, and for work also. They have small bodies but are strong, balanced bodies. They descended from, Andalusian, Spanish Barb, and Arabian bloodlines. The breed has around a million members, which are present worldwide in around 40 countries.

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Dutch Warmblood

Dutch Warmblood horse

Dutch Warmblood horses priced between the range of $4,000 to several million dollars. A black stallion once sold for  11 million Euros to a German trainer. This is a premium Dutch breed, with a good temperament. This is one of the most expensive breeds you can buy. Dutch Warmblood is perfect for jumping and dressage. The modern breed of Dutch Warmblood is driven from Gelderlander and the Groningen(also Dutch breeds). There are 3 Dutch Warmblood’s category, the elegant harness horse, athletic sport horse,  and the original Gelderland working horse.


Standardbred hourse

The average price range is $500 to $5,000. This breed developed in North America and has a bloodline that can be traced back to the 18th century. The breed is famous for its harness-racing ability, either at a pace or a trot. Standardbred horses have long, muscular bodies, heavier than thoroughbreds, with powerful shoulders, and strong legs.


Hanovarian horse

Hanovarian horses range between $7,000 and $100,000. Originally bred in Germany. The breed is elegant with a fairly large body, about 16-16.2 hands. They have strong limbs and backs and a strong body. They are athletic, elegant, and known as show hunters with a unique form. Traditionally used in agriculture and military.


Holsteiner horse

Priced between $3,000 to $50,000 The breed is comparatively not that popular. Holsteiner is famous for its wonderful personality and its great ability in jumping, dressage, and eventing. The average life of Holsteiner can be 35-40 years. This breed has also performed in Olympics sports event. The horses are typically bred in Germany and are a type of German warmblood with powerful and elegant characteristics.

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The American Sorraia Mustang

The American Sorraia Mustang

This breed in our top ten list because of its rareness. Its name is associated with Columbus and Hernando Cortes. But later, the Mustang gained their reputation because they were the only ones which could survive the climate of the New World. These animals are brave, loyal and fierce. Sorraia colt and mares show the uniformity of type and colour, signs of consistent strong genetic inheritance”.


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