Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

Who are the Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022? If so, keep an eye out for this list of the top ten most popular K-Pop female groups in 2022.

K-Pop music is becoming more popular, and the credit goes to incredible K-pop groups. Female K-pop stars, like male K-pop idols, have contributed to the worldwide dissemination of Korean culture via their music and dance abilities.

Let’s have a look at the list and leave a comment about your favourite Korean female groups.

Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups to Watch in 2022

10. NiziU Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 1
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

Niju is a Korean girl band made up of nine stunning Japanese females. In English, Niju means “rainbow.” They are devoted to emitted the VIBGYOR with their music, which is synonymous with their name. The oldest member is twenty-one years old, while the youngest is just sixteen years old. The band was created as a consequence of the NIZI project reality program. This K-pop female group is deserving of the tenth spot on the list of the most popular K-pop girl groups.

Members of this Korean female group are Mako (LEAD Vocalist), Rio (Lead Rapper), Maya (the main dancer), Riku (lead vocalist), Ayaka (MAN VISUAL), Mayuka (Lead dancer), Rima (lead vocalist), Milhi (face of the group), and Nina (face of the group). Each master is an expert in his field and helps to the creation of wonderful tunes for their followers.

‘Make you happy, witch honestly,’ was their first single. STEP and a Step song catapulted them to worldwide recognition, grossing the hit mark.

9. Iz*One Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 2
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

The twelve lovely ladies band was formed as a result of a reality program (Mnet) Produce 48. In their hip hops, they give K-pop and J-pop genres. They made their debut in 2018 with the chart-topping singles extended play and Color*LZ. Their commercially successful initial effort gave them rapid prominence in the pop industry. They were honoured with Golden Disc Awards and Seoul Music Awards for their quick success.

Their recurrent successes such as ‘Suki to Iwasetai, UMG’s EMI Records, and Oricon Single Chart for two years in a row earned them Platinum recognition from the Recording Industry Association of Japan. Regrettably, the band was disbanded in the spring of 2022 since their contract could not be extended. This, however, will not prevent them from becoming one of the most successful K-pop girl groups in 2022.

8. OH MY GIRL Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 3
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

The South Korean female group WM Entertainment consists of eight phonic girls. This Korean female band made their pop debut in 2015 with the release of an eponymous extended play, Oh My Girl, and a closer. M Countdown, Pink Ocean, Windy Day, Coloring Book, Secret Garden, Remember me, fall in love, Dear Oh My Girl, and Eternally were among the songs performed by the talented singer.

This is one of South Korea’s top K-pop female bands. Fans’ acceptance of them has been slow. Their music’s appealing sensations of freshness and brightness set them apart from the pack. They are well-known for their inventive and delicate music. As singles, each band member has a sizable fan base. The band’s members are Arin, Jiho, YooA, Binnie, Seung Hee, Hyojung, Mimi, and JinE.

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7. Mamamoo Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 4
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

Mamamoo is a South Korean female pop group best known for their breakthrough single ‘Mr. Ambiguous.’ Their distinct enrichment of vintage, jazz, ballad, dance, and R&B elements, as well as their strong vocal delivery, has made them an all-time fan favourite. They have 43 awards in their collection and have been nominated for 159 more.

Mamamoo represents the first time a baby babbles. Their weakness is a lack of social media participation, which has reduced their popularity graph. Melting and Reality in Black were released in Korea, while 4 Colors was released in Japan. Mamamoo x Gfriend Showtime, A Lucky Day, Queendom, MooMoo Trip, Boss in the Mirror, and Entourage are among the films in her oeuvre. In South Korea, Starry Night and Egotistic have swept the music graph clean.

6. ITZY Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 5
South Korean K-Pop girl group ITZY, attend a photo call for the 29th Seoul Music Awards at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea on January 30, 2020. (Photo by: Lee Young-ho/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

JYP Entertainment’s ITZY band is another prominent K-pop female group. This female group achieved commercial success with their first single “Itzy Different” in 2019. This resulted in various prizes for the year’s musicians, including the 34th Golden Disc Awards, Melon Music Awards, and Mnet Asian Music Awards, to name a few.

They had a significant influence on South Korean pop culture as a result of their contribution to K-Pop Evolution. Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna are their intrinsic members. This Korean female group has a single Instagram account, and the band’s popularity is measured by the number of followers.

They boldly published their second and third EPs, It’s Me and Not Shy, in the thick of the epidemic. They broadcasted a live webcast on a worldwide scale. However, Source Music’s and the band’s contract will expire in May 2022, and the band will be terminated.

5. GFriend Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 6
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

GFriend ranks were fifth among the most popular K-pop female groups. Since 2015, this six-piece South Korean band has generated an impressive record and garnered a slew of awards. Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji all praised their first EP Season of Glass.

Their fame grew to the point that they were interviewed for the Grammy Mini Masterclass series, where they discussed their effect on youth. LOL, Awakening, Snowflake, Parallel, Rainbow, Time for the Moon Night, Sunny Summer, Time For Us, and Fever Season drew praise and adoration from music fans all across the world. Their last full-length album, Walpurgis Night, was released in 2022, and they afterwards split up. Their album sales skyrocketed following each release. They were named one of the top five K-pop girl groups of the year in 2022.

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4. Girl’s Generation Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 7
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

Since 2007, this eight-member K-pop female band has been dubbed “The Nation’s Girl Group” in South Korea. The track “Into the New World” from their eponymous Korean album introduced them to the K-Pop scene.

Its 2009 song ‘Gee’ catapulted them to fame in the pop scene, landing them in KBS’ Music Bank. In the tenner of 2000, it was highlighted with Melon’s favourite song. Their Korean album Oh! earned them a Golden Disc award in 2010. Their third Korean album, “The Boys,” piqued the worldwide palate and gained widespread acclaim, eventually becoming the best-selling album of 2011. Without a doubt, their subsequent albums continued to thrill the pop fans.

Their unique style incorporates electropop, hip hop, bubblegum pop, R&B, and EDM. The fact that they have over a hundred million YouTube visitors attests to their appeal. Billboard named them the “Top K-Pop Girl Group of the Last Decade.”

3. Twice Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 8
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

TWICE is known for having the finest singles and having back-to-back hits. Their records topped the charts and were the best-selling albums of the year. This K-pop girl trio made its Japanese debut in 2018 as part of Warner Music Japan’s album “Twice.” RIAJ awarded them Platinum accreditation. In 2015, their extended play, The Story Begins, propelled them to the top of the Korean music charts. As a result, this is unquestionably one of the top K-pop girl groups right now in 2022.

Some of the band’s albums include Eyes Wide Open, BDZ, Twicetagram, Merry and Happy, TWICELAND ZONE 2, TWICELAND-THE OPENING, &Twice, Twice Dome Tour, Twice Debut Showcase, feel special, and what is love.

The group consists of nine brilliant, glamorous female members. They specialize in the genres of K-pop, J-pop, bubblegum pop, dance-pop, and EDM. They have been delighting their audience with their skill and hard work since 2015. They achieved popularity in their own country in 2016 with their song “Cheer Up.”

2. Red Velvet Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 9
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

This five-member K-pop female group from South Korea is well-known across the world. Members of the band who have worked hard and are exceptionally skilled have pushed the band to new heights and dominated the hearts of millions of fans. According to Forbes Korea Power Celebrity, this female group is one of South Korea’s most influential celebrities. Billboards and Time both named them the most wanted K-pop group.

In 2014, this Korean female band released their first single, “Happiness.” The band’s appendages are Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. They are known as the sixth most-streamed K-pop band on Spotify. For various music delivery, they have Golden Disc new artist Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, Korean Music Awards, and Forbes Korea Power Celebrity in their kitty.

For a long period, the numbers Red taste, Power up, Happiness, Ice cream, Peek a boo, Russian Roulette, and Psycho topped the charts.

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1. Black pink Group

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022 10
Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2022

If you like Korean pop music, you have to admit that Blackpink is the greatest and most popular K-pop girl group in 2022. The feel-good quality of their inspiring, approachable, funny, and dissident lyrics captivates people. They debuted in 2016 with their first album “Square One” and haven’t looked back since.

Their well-planned social media and streaming channels have resulted in a massive fan following. With 60 million followers on YouTube in 2019, their group is the most subscribed group. Aside from that, this K-pop band has a slew of global records.

This Korean female group is well-known for selling one million pre-order copies for their next album throughout the globe. They are also the first K-Pop band to be included in a Netflix documentary. The charismatic members are recognized as fashion stars and Instagram influencers. The song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is presently the most-watched Korean video on YouTube. “Kiss and Make Up,” “Kill This Love,” and “How You Like That” are just a few of the group’s hit songs.

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