Rise and an undying interest of getting inked from across the world, this one trend which we won’t be seeing the back of anytime soon. In this list we have carefully selected the most popular and sexiest tattoo models and we are sure is a decision you will firmly agree with.


6. Karlee Jane


She has the words “wild child” inked under both her butts and certainly plays up to it. Her Insta followers has grown to over 100,000k+ followers which is not bad at all for a 22-year-old. She has advise for the one who want to date her “Don’t come on too strong, just go with the flow.


 5. Pandora Blue


We just can’t get enough of Pandora Blue , Virginia born stunner has only been an alternative model for five years now but she has already amassed almost 300,000 followers on Instagram and millions fans on Facebook. Her first tattoo was inked at just 18-years-old to rebel against her parents who disagreed with her body art and piercings.


4. Christy Mack

সম্পর্কিত চিত্র

She is a Adult American actress and an alternative model and recognised as one of the sexiest women in the world. Earlier her personal life took a terrible turn , when she became a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.


3. Rachel Rampage


Rachel has been modelling since she was 14-years-old and is now signed as most Famous Inked Models. She was born in Langley, Vancouver, and has already modelled for brands like Crown the Queens etc. She labels herself on all of her social media platforms as “the girl with the coffin on her chest.


2. Lauren Fernandez


Lauren Fernandez known as Miss Fernandez, has been a Suicide Girl since 2013. This British born model is instantly recognizable for her extensive body art and hotness, her body art stretches from her shoulders to the top of her legs , well-known for her photo shoots which show off her bare nude inked photos.


1. Sabina Kelley

She is the kind of woman who is desired by pretty much everyone. She has a vintage, blonde bombshell style and she’s not losing her touch anytime soon. She is a judge on the show Best Ink , and has become a favourite every many viewers. I am too a big fan of her ..!!

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