Most Wanted Daughter Honey Preet Got Caught After 38 Days Of Hiding , Revels Shocking Secrets!

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Honeypreet disappeared after the Dera Sacha Sauda chief Ram Rahim was locked in the Rohtak Jail. For almost 38 days, she played hide and seek with the police. Some reports were suggesting that she had moved to Nepal and other reports saying that she had been spotted in Delhi.


In an exclusive interview when the interviewer asked her why she had not gone to the police yet, then Honeypreet said:

“You have to understand my condition. My father and I used to make patriotic movies and now I stand accused of treason? I was taught to live and die for my country, my father instilled such loyalty towards my country in me, and now I’m being branded as a traitor. Everything finished when papa was sent into jail. I was feeling very helpless, did not know where to go. I don’t know much about the judicial procedure. I didn’t run away. I just needed time to get back to my senses.”

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Honeypreet’s former husband Vishwas Gupta on Friday also revelled a scandalous allegations against Ram Rahim Singh and his adopted daughter Honeypreet. He said (Addressing a press conference), that he had caught Ram Rahim having sex with Honeypreet. He also claimed his ex-wife used to sleep in the Dera Sacha Sauda headquarters in Sirsa.

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WHERE WAS hiding yet?

Here we bring you all the places which she had gone to before finally being caught by police:

  • Honeypreet first went to her brother’s in-laws in Hanumangarh and stayed there for August 27 and August 28.
  • Then she left Hanumangarh just before police came looking for her on August 29.
  • On 30th August, she stayed at Dera follower’s house in Rajasthan’s Sangaria.
  • Then she got spotted at a shopping mall in Udaipur on September 2. By the time police reached their, they could only find Dera caretaker.
  • Later, News of Honeypreet being spotted in Nepal started coming out and a search was launched.
  • Unable to find Honeypreet in Nepal, police tracked her to Ram Rahim’s native village Gurusar Modia. Yet again, Honeypreet gave police the slip.
  • Honeypreet went to her lawyer in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar on 25th September. She stayed at that place for two hours but police reached the spot two days later after scanning the CCTV footage of that place.
  • Police also searched a flat and other locations in Gurgaon but Honey preet managed to stay ahead of them and dint got caught.
  • Finally after getting caught, On 3rd October Honey preet revealed to a news channel where all she went in the last month.

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