Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

How was Caesar in Planet of the Apes, Gollum in the Hobbit trilogy, and Na'vi in Avatar brought to life? If you're looking for answers, you should read this article

What are the Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time? Have you ever noticed how the Hulk’s facial traits resemble those of Bruce Banner in the Avengers films? You’re aware that it’s CGI, but how does it work? How did it all begin? How was the massive audience in 300 or Lord of the Rings created? How was Caesar in Planet of the Apes, Gollum in the Hobbit trilogy, and Na’vi in Avatar brought to life? If you’re looking for answers, you should read this article.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the films on this list may not have the very greatest CGI or the most convincing visual effects, but they are on our list for pioneering certain methods that provided us with subsequent films with some of the best computer-produced images.

List the Top 10 Movies With Visual Effects Innovations of the 21st Century:

10. The Perfect Storm (2000)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 1
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

With The Perfect Storm, industrial light & magic unveiled OpenEXR, their first breakthrough of the twenty-first century. This historical catastrophe drama utilizes a “high dynamic range imaging” picture format to portray water effects. ILM addressed an enormous difficulty that visual effect artists had been unable to tackle for more than a decade by developing flawless real-life water dynamics.

Water has always been difficult to depict in films. The classic water movement sequence in James Cameron’s The Abyss took roughly 6 months to produce 30 seconds of animation; but, as technology evolved, it became quicker to make, and we were treated to some aesthetically amazing water effects in 1997’s summer blockbuster Titanic. However, certain improvements were required to get to where we are now.

The issue is not with the depiction of water, but with the dispersion of water droplets when anything hits the water. Water particle scattering with accurate physics is extraordinarily difficult to simulate on a computer. But, without going into too much detail, the point is that ILM pioneered a novel compression format that reduced those very expensive computations. Back in the year 2000, they created practically genuine water effects, and they permanently revolutionized the visual effects business.

9. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 2
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

Gollum, performed by Andy Serkis utilizing newly created motion capture technology, was one of many unforgettable moments of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Although Peter Jackson and his crew pioneered a lot of things in the visual effects area with Lord of the Rings, they were not the first to utilize motion capture in a feature picture, but they did bring this technique into radar. Later in this list, we’ll discuss their contribution to visual effect advances.

Taking this slot is a picture that was a colossal flop at the box office. The poor adaptation of a very popular video game series was chastised for its uninteresting tale and lack of emotional commitment, both of which are opposed to the games in the series. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was a critical and commercial failure. It could barely recoup half of its $137 million production expense.

Despite being merely another failed effort at converting video games for cinema, it had several significant advances in the world of visual effects, including being the first film to use motion capture technology in a feature film and the first true attempt at producing photorealistic animation. It did it while exceeding the budget and necessitating four years of hard effort by more than 200 artists.

8. The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 3
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

Do you know how they used computer technology to change Brad Pitt into an old man in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? With this episode of Matrix, the methods employed to generate those spectacular visual effects become a reality. The Matrix Reloaded was the first film to use a sophisticated method known as universal capture, also known as facial motion capture.

In the early 2000s, filmmakers began to employ motion capture technology in their films, but tracking the motions of something as complex as a human face needed something special, which is where the groundbreaking technique of universal capture comes in.

Facial Motion capture is the practice of electronically turning human facial movements into databases utilizing cameras and laser scanners so that artists may utilize them to create CG figures. As a consequence, the animation in Final Fantasy the Spirits Within and other preceding films was more realistic in terms of human facial motions.

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7. The Polar Express (2004)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 4
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

Performance capture technology continued to progress, and it wasn’t long before an animated picture was released that employed the technique to animate all of the characters.

This place is taken by a film that pioneered an idea that is currently employed in practically every big-budget film. In this technique, the actor wears a skintight suit equipped with hundreds of sensors, and many cameras capture the actor’s motions from various angles, concurrently capturing the precise 3D location of all sensors but not the actor’s repose. This enables filmmakers to digitally build a persona that they can then deploy in a different context. Since its inception, this technique has been utilized extensively in hundreds of films, including King Kong, Avatar (enhanced version), The Hobbit, The Avengers, and many more.

6. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 5
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

Before the 2000s, if a filmmaker wanted to modify the colour of his picture to give it a unique appearance and feel, he had to employ a time-consuming method known as “Telecine” to colour the look of their film. The previous method was adequate, but it had limits.

When the Joel and Ethan brothers intended to achieve a dusty autumn appearance for their historical drama O brother, where art thou? they filmed the whole film in summer green, as suggested by cinematographer Roger Dickens. They subsequently adjusted the colour of their film utilizing Digital Color Grading, a groundbreaking new-age technique. They scanned the whole film into a computer and coloured it using a device you could have on your desk. The procedure took many weeks, but the end product was equally satisfying.

5. Gravity (2013)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 6
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

Gravity, a fairly recent advance in visual effects, was launched in 2013. In terms of CGI, this film was fantastic. Gravity’s realistic setting gave viewers shivers; some even thought movie was filmed in real deep space. But this film isn’t on our list because of its excellent modelling, physics simulation, or animation; it’s here because of an invention known as the Lightbox.

Every photographer understands that the most critical aspect of every shot is the lighting. So, to combine digital lighting with space light, Cuarón and Lubezki devised a system that they simply called a lightbox.

The LightBox is a hollow 9-foot cube with 1.8 million individually programmable LEDs installed on its inside walls. They employed this technique to precisely replicate the lights in space where the astronauts were floating. The lightbox was used for 60% of the filming. They shifted the world around the actors rather than the actors in the world. They’ve opened doors to sectors that no one had dared to explore previously by introducing this technology.

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4. Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (2001-03)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 7
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

Since the dawn of cinema, directors have struggled to attract a broad audience for their productions. Assume they want to produce a war scenario between 300,000 Persians and 300 Spartans. Casting so many individuals for a film is exceedingly tough (if not impossible). However, in the multiple Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson demonstrated a high-end program used to build a crowd that was appropriately termed MASSIVE.

MASSIVE is a computer tool that may be used to build immensely complex crowd animations with up to 70,000 individual digital characters, each having a randomized set of qualities. They were all distinct in terms of appearance, size, and even personality. They were assigned actions from hundreds of distinct movements, all of which were analyzed by each character’s artificially intelligent digital brain. As a consequence, there was an extremely dense throng with a variety of activities and hence animations.

Originally, the number of characters that could be formed using this method was in the thousands, but with today’s much faster computers, that number may be in the millions. This technique is now quite popular among filmmakers.

3. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 8
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

As the second half of the 2000s progressed, filmmakers began to use more and more visual effects technology to create very lifelike people and action sequences to deceive the viewer. Movies such as King Kong, Superman Returns, and Pirates of the Caribbean made excellent use of visual effects technology. If you viewed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and were blown away by the magnificent visual effects used to construct Davy Jones and his crew, you may be interested to know that it was made utilizing the second significant industrial light & magic invention of the new century, known as IMoCap (image motion capture).

IMoCap is essentially motion capture that occurs concurrently with primary photography. In this ground-breaking technology, performers film on actual sets while wearing a bodysuit linked to multiple sensors, in front of real actors and genuine lighting. All they do is position two additional cameras beside the primary camera to gather the actor’s motion data. They developed some of the most iconic and eye-catching effects of the century by blending lifelike animation with stunning renderings of Davy Jones’ octopus beard.

2. The Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow (2004)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 9
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

By 2004, filmmakers had almost nailed the animation and physics of digital humans, but they still needed to move on to digital backdrops. That’s where “The Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” take the lead, being the first film to shoot the whole film in front of a digital backlot. The whole film was filmed in a basement in front of green or blue screens. Later films such as 300, Sin City, and The Hobbit all made fantastic use of it to create jaw-dropping vistas, revealing the real potential of this groundbreaking technology.

The trailer for “The Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” was published four years before the film was finished to recruit financiers. The trailer received a great reception and considerable financing for the filmmaker, who subsequently expanded the project on a wide scale. It was a massive endeavour in the world of visual effects that, regrettably, did not pay off. Ultimately, the picture failed to recoup its $78 million production expenditure. But, without this film, we may not have seen the likes of Avatar, Life of Pi, or even The Jungle Book (2016).

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1. Avatar (2009)

Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time 10
Top 10 movies with the best visual effects of all time

The success that Avatar has had is well deserved. It didn’t become the highest-grossing film in history by doing nothing. This science fiction film was fantastic. To produce this unprecedented visual effect extravaganza, James Cameron and his crew devised several technologies.

Let’s get to the point of why this film is on our list. James Cameron delayed over a decade to begin development on this project. The reason for this was that the other technologies on this list had to be created. When that occurred, he turned up the volume and innovated on everything from data management to 3D cameras. He created the Fusion camera system, which combines two HD cameras into a single body to film stereoscopic 3D.

In terms of motion capture, he employed the most area that motion capture could monitor to build Pandora’s rainforest and other massive landmarks, which was six times greater than was before used. He also created an improved version of performance capture, which was used to capture the full facial expressions of actors. Individually made skull caps were fitted on actors’ heads, with a tiny camera positioned in front of their faces, allowing them to capture realistic performances of actors and integrate that with computer-generated imagery to bring Na’vi to life. They employed supercomputers to do all of the complex computations, and the end product could process 17 terabytes of data every minute.

Unsurprisingly, this picture took more than a decade to produce, but Avatar has cemented its place in cinematic history, and it will be recognized as one of the best films ever made for the Hollywood film industry.

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