Top 10 myths about beard

Men and women are always conscious of their looks and appearance. So they always try to find a way to look beautiful and handsome

When it comes to growing facial hair, not every man has what it takes. But whether you sport a full beard or you can only manage a wispy ‘moustache, flaunting facial hair at some point in time seems to be a rite of passage for most men. Men and women are always conscious of their looks and appearance. So they always try to find a way to look beautiful and handsome. Follow the top 7 tips for natural beauty at home

Myth 1: Beard oils make beard grow

Fact: Yes, and no. If there are not any hair follicles (roots), there is no beard. It’s all down largely to genetics, and beard oils can not help. However, if the causes for poor beard growth are dryness, lack of nourishment, or damage, beard oils can help. Honest beard oil can soften, avoid hair damage, provide nourishment, and help keep the under-skin healthy and moisturized.

Myth 2: Shaving makes the beard grow back faster

Fact: Shaving may be a surface activity and does nothing to the follicle. Hair that grows after shaving “feels” thicker because it’s coarse. It isn’t thicker. So stop dalliance with this ritual.

Myth 3: It’s normal for beards to be itchy

Fact: Is it normal for your head to be itchy? No, right? So there is no real reason why beards SHOULD be itchy. Beards might be itchy, and this post will tell you ways to unravel them.

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Myth 4: Beard oil causes acne

Fact: this is often not a universal truth. If your beard oil contains comedogenic oils (stuff that clogs pores), there is a likelihood of pimples cropping up. Confirm you employ a high-quality beard oil that uses lightweight, non-comedogenic oils.

Myth 5: Hair is often made to grow in “bald” areas on the face

Fact: Like we saw in (1) above, no follicle = no hair. What does happen as your beard grows longer is that hair from surrounding areas fills up the gaps, and thus the gap doesn’t appear as big. Many other myths surrounding beards – allow us to know if you would like some scientific lowdown on any of these. One of the most important beard myths when it involves facial hair or maybe beard growth, generally, is that the hairs grow back thicker after you shave them.

The facial hair looks darker and feels thicker, so how couldn’t it be, right? False. Because it happens, hairs grow back with a dull end after you shave them and they might feel scruffy or coarse.

Myth 6: All girls find facial hair sexy

It’s a well-liked myth that each one of the ladies is trying to find a person with a horny beard, but this isn’t always the case. Regardless of the beard styles, you are trying, some girls don’t find facial hair attractive, while for others, it’s practically a necessity during a partner. Still, some girls prefer the clean-shaven look or don’t wish to kiss rough and itchy facial hair. However, with the proper beard grooming products and techniques – and by keeping your facial hair moisturized with premium beard oil, you’ll give your beard that sexy, touchable softness that numerous women love.

Myth 7: A beard should look complete in 2-3 weeks

While the planet we sleep in would be wonderful if this were true, alas, a beard can’t grow completely in as little as two to 3 weeks. Quite the contrary, your beard may take a maximum amount of two to 3 months to grow out. In some cases, it’s going to take even longer.

The truth is, your beard will keep improving throughout your 20s and 30s, and sometimes into your 40s and 50s. Many men are well into their 20s before their beard fills the way altogether.

Myth 8: you ought to shave for an employment interview

For many, it’s s common practice to shave a beard before an employment interview – such a lot of effort and diligence right down the drain (literally). It’s simply devastating for several men to listen to that this practice was all for nothing. Still, in most cases – unless the corporate is strictly anti-beard – you’ll not be discriminated against for having a beard, as long as it is good and well-groomed.

However, if you’re truly concerned that your beard causes you to look homeless or creepy, you would possibly want to think about a more cleanly-groomed beard style to ascertain if that helps things.

Myth 9: an honest beard must have the moustache

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If you concentrate on the bearded men you see on a day to day, you’ll notice that an awesome number of them are sporting facial hair without a moustache. And you’ve probably never thought to yourself that someone’s beard would look pretty nice if they only had a moustache too.

You probably only notice the shortage of moustache on yourself because you’re your own biggest critic. Attempt to ascertain your beard as an entire and how it complements the remainder of your style.

Myth 10: Only dark beards look good

When many of us consider beards, the image that they immediately conjure into our minds tends to be one of a smouldering, dark-haired man with a full beard.

Myth 11: Facial hair genes come from the mother’s side

It’s a commonly held belief that beard inheritance, including beard growth, density, pattern, and colour, comes from the mother’s side. However, these genes come from both the mother and, therefore, the father too. The idea for beard myths like this one stems from the fact that a lot of believing the “baldness gene” comes from the mother, which has been extended to hide beard genes.

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