Prosecution on Kanhaiya Kumar permitted by Delhi government

Prosecution on Kanhaiya Kumar by Delhi government which is the president of former Jawaharlal Nehru University Student’s Union(JNUSU) and others in a sedition case for allegedly raising anti-India slogans during an event inside the university campus.

On January 14last year, The blotter within the court against Kumar, including former student Umar Khalid and Anirban have been filed by the police.

Stating that they were leading a procession and supported the seditious slogans raised on the campus during an occasion on Feb. 9th 2016. The police had at an equivalent time filed an invitation for prosecution sanction from the govt.

On February 19, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that the Dehli government was likely to require an “early decision” on the prosecution sanction against Kumar within the sedition case.

Kanhaiya Kumar

The Code of Criminal Procedure lays down that for offences against the state, the court cannot take cognisance of the police blotter without the sanction of the housing department of the state concerned. within the case, police have invoked Section 124A of IPC concerning the charge of sedition against Kanhaiya and other students.

Delhi government had multiple times questioned about the (prosecution on Kanhaiya Kumar) the urgency of the Delhi Police in filling an “Incomplete charge-sheet without obtaining the prior sanction of the competent authority”. the housing department had earlier acknowledged that the investigating agency(Delhi Police) had sought its approval only after filing the blotter within the court.

he said in a tweet in Hindi “Thank you Delhi government for granting permission in the sedition case. Delhi Police and government officials are requested to take this case seriously, the speedy trial must be held in a fast track court and justice is ensured in the court of law instead of TV’s ‘court’. Satyameva Jayate,” and here the tweet of Kanhaiya Kumar.

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