Random Funnies to kick-start your week

When a new week arrives it comes with pressure and tension. When sunday passes we all become worried about the coming working days. So to chill off your mind and provide you with a little time to relax, here are some random funnies. Please comment which one you find most entertaining and interesting and for what reason.

The autobiography of the dustbin of a single guy

There is a difference in tv, movies and actual life

These three picture differences may break your heart but this is the truth.

The charger is so sad and you know why

The best use of the old tv yet discovered by this unique genius

People are becoming more and more innovative

The pets are not always Awww

Yeah this is the life of a pet dog. So do not think that taking a pet means having no responsibility and only cute adorable selfies.

Oops , that is a blunder

And you can’t tell them to back off when they show you the cute face

These dogs can make anyone’s day with their funny and lively actions.


Stop dad , I do not want to hear it any more

And there cuteness is never ending

These dogs are specially trained to make your day and relax you a little feom your hectic schedule. You just have to look at their innocent faces and you forget all your worries.

They are the cutest wizards known to humankind and animal world

Babies are surely tough to handle and the store understands your pain

So mot worry at all because the store is so supportive of you when you come for shopping. Well however they forgot the beer and vodka and scotch compartment. Let me show you.

This man must be a genius. Prize on the head to find him

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