These Spine Chilling Ghost Stories About Hotels Will Surely Make You Hide Under Your Blanket


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Hotels are one of the most amazing places that not only attract people but ghosts and spirits too. Some of them are neutral; others are quite aggressive and bring the shit out of people and can scare them to death. I wonder who the hell would like to spend a night in such a hotel.

Here Are Some Spine Chilling Ghost Stories About Hotels Will Surely Make You Hide Under Your Blanket.


The Marshall House, Savannah

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The Marshall House also has a long history of being a hospital during the Civil War and during the time of yellow fever epidemics. Here, many people have had weird experience of ghosts and spirits. Sounds of children running around the hallway are often heard in the hotel, but there are no kids around. This was also considered as one of the most haunted hotels of the world.


The Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff

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It is like a curse to die on your wedding, and that’s exactly what happened to the young bride getting married here in the Fairmont Banff. Still no one knows about the exact reason how she died, apart from she fell from the stairs. After that this place has become curse and no wedding ever happened here. People here have seen weird paranormal activities too.


Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco 

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It was a boarding and day school for girls but was closed in 1890 due to financial problems, and was then turned into a hotel. Yet Mary Lake, the principal of the former school, never left the building. It is said that she still take care of this place. People often have heard her footsteps. Furniture starts moving around and voice of crying woman too was heard. After all this the place was declared as a haunted zone not to enter without permission.

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