Teachers That Have Funny Ways Of Dealing With Their Students


Teaching is definitely a tough and often thankless job. Really good teachers pour themselves into their work, giving their all to help shape their students’ lives in a positive way. The best teacher however, go even further. They don’t just give their heart and soul to each class they teach – they inject a ton of humor in as well. Here are 25 teachers who clearly love having a little bit of fun on the job!

He knows you guys, he knows.

At least he got a prize.

This teacher doesn’t just teach math, they also school you with “Lord of the Rings” references.

Chemistry teacher has a weird sense of humour

Surely, #4 has to be worth extra credit.

To be fair, it’s sound logic.

Are midi-chlorians on the microbiology syllabus?

I hear it’s healthier than coffee.

Genius anti-cheating measures (that also respect phone separation anxiety).

The scientific process, as told by memes.

I’m sorry Jimmy, but I have irrefutable proof you were sleeping in class.

Slow clap for this interesting disvovery

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