Most Terrifying Places In The World That Can Scare Shit Out Of You..!!



We have been hearing terrible tales of haunted houses and places from everywhere, and finally we have came across this spooky survey of most haunted places from around the world…


1. England’s most haunted village, Pluckley

There are some places you might want to stay indoors with family. and this is especially true in Pluckley, England’s most haunted village. This place is more haunted than Hogwarts, with 12 “official” ghosts in residence including a Highwayman and a Red Lady.


2. The Island of Dolls, Mexico

Hanging from the trees , in this floating islands you will see blank eyes of hundreds of decaying dolls staring soullessly at you, many with severed limbs.

According to locals , the Isla de Manicus (Island of the Dolls) was created by its caretaker. He discovered the body of a young girl who had drowned, and hung her washed-up doll on a tree to pay his respects. He spent the next fifty years adding to the number of dolls. Since his death in 2001, people have kept the place as he left it.

3. Hashima Island, Japan

Also called Battleship Island, this creepy, abandoned place popped up as a James Bond baddie’s lair in Skyfall.

It was served as a brutal prisoner of war camp and was abandoned so rapidly in 1974 it has an almost Marie Celeste like quality, with the workers just upping sticks. It is also believed to be haunted. You can take a guided boat tour from nearby Nagasaki – don’t worry, it’s a return trip.



4. Catacombs of Paris, France

Skulls and Skulls as far as the eye can see, might be a fair description of Paris’ famous Catacombs (alternative name of  Municipal Ossuary).

Actually its not scary but people of a nervous disposition are advised not to head down there. Visiting here is one of the major do`s when in Paris.



5. Transylvania, Romania

While the rest of the world reveres the Legend Of Draculla and all things vampiric, in his homeland – it’s not so much the case. He’s almost treated like an embarrassing uncle at a wedding.However Vlad the Impaler’s homeland  (the man the Count was based on) is fairytale-like beautiful so well worth visiting, bloodsucking aside.

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