The Histomap: 4,000 Years of World History in One Graphic

World history as the name itself suggests is huge in its prospects. The history of different states, nations, and continents contribute to the overall history of the world. There are no limitations to history, and any boundaries can not bind it. No one person knows the history of the world and has written it in proper order.

Maps are a means of the knowledge of the history of a place. But different places have their own maps. The question generally asked is that is there any way to combine all the maps to make it one. If that would be possible would not it be a great deal?

The epic visualization of how the power of different civilizations has changed over time, from the ancient Egyptians to the domination of the Romans and later the British Empire. Our template isn’t quite big enough to make all of the writing legible, but you still should be able to see the size of Empires. The David Rumsey Map Collection shows its detailed version.

The map in a nutshell has the map of the entire world. Obviously, it needs a lot of time and attention to study this but this is definitely worth the pain. Mapmakers have struggled for years to find a way in which all the maps can be merged into one. Finally, the map is here which shows all the aspects of the globe into a single place. 4000 years of world history is put in only a single graphic. This is a big achievement in itself and people should be proud of the historians who did this gigantic work.


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