These Are The Best Ways To Survive And Tackle Smog In Delhi


We all are well aware of the increased air-pollution in Delhi from past few days. The situation is getteng worse day by day. Here are a few tips and advisories from the experts that can help you to take care of yourself and your loved ones during the deadly Delhi smog.


1. Air Mask 3 mm

Just do not think of this twice and go for it. It can be bought online or on any nearby chemist shop buy the name of an air mask. It makes difference to your breathing as it filters the oxides particles during exhalation.

2. Clean

Its high time now. Everyone knows that cleanliness is the key all problems at current point. Delhi government has also asked everyone to sprinkle water for reducing dust pollution. A sprinkle to your park or garden will reduce dust.


3. Avoid street food

Indians love Chatpata khana. Our evenings are completely packed with some hot piping dimsums or other Chinese food or some Chaat or Gol Gappas. But this is our humble request to avoid street food at least for a week or so as the food is already has the dust particles and all sorts of pollutants to it.


4. Go Green

Most Important one. Please plant trees..Be it any herbs or shrubs. Just plant it. Plant so that new trees grow and they can help us in cleansing and purifying the air. More trees and less pollution.

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