These are the most terrifying places on the planet

Are you afraid of the dark? So here are some most creepy places in the world you can never dream of visting.

Monastery of Sao Francisco, Lima

The Monastery of Sao Francisco in Lima has so many human remains, that local monks thought artistically to make interior decorations with them.

Aokogahira, Japan

Image source: Ajari japan

This place is also known as the ÔÇťSuicide ForestÔÇŁ, so you know that this place is not for faint hearted . This is probably the creepiest place in Japan. The forest is supposed to be damned and filled with all sorts of negative spirits. It is also the place where depressed Japanese people tend to come to commit suicide. So you better watch out.

Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

The next place in our list is this hill. You cannot find a place which have more crucifixes than the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. There is a huge amount of crosses in this place. Though local authorities many a times have tried to knock this place down but locals continue to build it up again because of their belief.

Sculpture Park of Veijo R├Ânkk├Ânen, Finland 

Feom the very beginning of 1960s until his death in 2010, Finnish artist Veijo R├Ânkk├Ânen dedicated pretty much all of his time in making these creepy figures. They are made of stone in a park in Finland. Now they are overgrown with moss and look terrifying.

Capuchin Catacombs, Palermo

These creepy monastic catacombs are situated in italy. Here you can find endless rows of mummified priestsÔÇÖ remains. Is not this haunting?

La Isla de Munecas, Mexico

There is an island filled with dolls in Mexico. The strange doll hanging phenomena is believed to have begun a few years ago, when a young girl tragically died in the area. The tradition is still alive.

Abandoned School in Pripyat, Ukraine

The town of Pripyat in Ukraine was completely abandoned after the horrific nuclear explosion in Chernobyl in 1986. The masks lying there bare witness to the fear, suffering and danger that was exposed to the people.

Beelitz-Heilst├Ątten Military Hospital, Germany

This hospital was mde in 1898 to treat tuberculosis patients. It was once used to treat Hitler, but that way ages before he became what he was.

The Church of Nossa Senhora do Bom Fin, Brazil

It is filled with wax casts of body parts. Sick church goers pay to have plaster casts made of specific body parts theyÔÇÖd like cured. They are then hung up on the walls of the church.

Chauchilla Cemetery

The ancient burial ground is filled with human remains that date back to 1,000 AD. This place is the ultimate of all.

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