These confessions from sex addicts are making people uncomfortable

Look at these secret confessions of sex addicts and you will be surprised.

Professor and he

The boy found her in her class with the professor. Her plan was to make it for two.

Like it for two

She never married the love of her life because they were two.

Wrong man

I am 23 and got married to a wrong man. Thank God I got love from my high school crush.

Long tongue

I am interested in men with long tongue. Selfish, yes I am.

No respect

I like with elder men, experienced ones.

No friends

I have tried so many friends but no one knows me as well as my cousin.

The temptation

We both do not want to leave our bed but we are married to different people.

Keeping it up

It took me 23 one night stands to finally get my partner. Now I am happy and we are always busy at different places.

It is 24×7

I always remain topless looking at strangers from my windows. I am only 17 and not allowed to go outside alone.


Every time I see couples hanging around I want to do that too. But I can not, because I have HIV.

It is different every time

I like going out with different people so that it is always new. Relationships get boring.

I spend more on

People do not satisfy me as toys do. I have spent 600 dollar on it.

Every time I do this

I keep on calling boyfriends home,one after another.

Do I want it more

My boyfriend doesn’t want it as much as I do.

Alone with unknown men

I did not get a life partner so I just go out with random guys.

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