These Spine Chilling Paranormal Activities Will Convince You That Ghost Exist


Paranormal researcher Nirvan Anand, remembers a case in Panchgani. The woman here claimed that she could see what’s going to happen in next 15 minutes/forsee the future. She got abnormally hyperactive one night and her family could not figure it out that what was actually going on. In the beginning they first ignored her thinking that she is pulling a prank of them but , when she narrated to them that what is going to happen in the next following 15 minutes, and exactly that is what happened they all got extremely shocked and terrified.

She also stopped eating. Her family people first tried medicating her but it did not worked. Anand says ” Family knew that something strange was up, but they couldn’t tell anyone because of the stigma associated with it. “A spirit usually feeds on your soul when you are low and full of negative energies , You see. They can be exorcised with a blast of positive ones,” he adds. Anand later gave the woman a holy tabeez , according to paranormal investigators, objects with pious divinity carry positive energy which force the spirits to go away.

(The spirit of a woman who was raped and murdered had taken over her mind and body.)


Anand few days back also came across a woman in Maharashtra, who was in an mental hospital for 9 years. “Doctors could not cure her and she became very violent. She was also been given medicines prescribed my psychiatrists, but it was not a mental ailment,” he says.


When Anand met her, she was angry and possessed. The spirit of a woman who got raped and then murdered, had taken over her body,” Anand recounts. It was not easy to talk to her first. “But when she talked, I told her that she is torturing this little lady like she was tortured herself. She remembers the pain, why does she want an innocent girl to go through such pain for no reason. She was using this other girl’s body an element through which she could take revenge of her death.

“It wasn’t easy, but the spirit left her body” Anand says. Spirits are not necessarily evil.

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