Top 5 Countries Where Indian Rupee Will Make You Feel Richer, Best For Planning Vacations!


We have brought you the list of countries where the Indian currency is higher and you will richer. You can book affordable flights to these countries and explore without bothering much for the budget. No time for being price conscious now.



1. Indonesia

1 INR (Indian Rupee) = 207.58 (Indonesian Rupiah)

Indonesia is the largest archipelago (group of islands) in the world with total 13,466 large and small islands.

If you love beaches then its definitely a vacation land for you. The white sandy beach, rolling waves, enchanting culture, dance, and music… Wow! Also to add that Indonesia has blue pure seas where one can dive with dugongs, dolphins and without fear. It is a perfect package for family vacations and where you don’t need to spend a lot of money.


2. Vietnam

1 INR (Indian Rupee) = 353.78 (Vietnamese Dong)

Vietnam is also known for its beaches but also for its old towns, rural adventures too. It is famous for its Ruou ran (snake wine), a Vietnamese speciality which is believed that it can cure any sickness. Also that the Vietnamese language has six different tones. This beautiful country is also a must visit.

3. Paraguay

1 INR (Indian Rupee) = 88.24 PYG (Paraguayan Guarani)

Paraguay was also called Parrot. In ancient facts, the name Paraguay comes from a parrot. This beautiful Country is famous for its water falls and landscapes. One can easily plan a family trip here without thinking much of money.


4. South Korea

1 INR (Indian Rupee) = 17.67 (KRW) South Korean Won

South Korea is a dazzling country with its famous beautiful landscapes, amazing food and  technology. The country will be a good vacation land if you are a shopaholic.

5. Japan

1 INR (Indian Rupee) = 1.70 JPY (Japanese Yen)

We all know how beautiful Japan is. It is famous for its imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of temples. If you are a foodie then Japan is a good vacation land for you. It offers famous Noodles, especially soba (buckwheat) and many other tasty delicacies.

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