Top 5 Simple Winter Vaseline Hacks That You Never Knew


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Top 5 Simple Winter Vaseline Hacks That You Never Knew –

Winter is the harshest seasons for our skin and our skin suffers the most. But, do not worry, All you need is a tiny case of Vaseline and you are sorted! Here are few simple hacks you can try to guard your skin and keep it fresh glowing and soft.


1. Chapped lips Good-bye

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Apply little bit of Vaseline on your toothbrush or makeup brush and eliminate all the dead skin away. You can even make a scrub for your lips. Just add sugar to Vaseline and apply it on your lips.


2. Rashes on the knuckles? Not anymore!

Apply a thick coat of Vaseline every night before going to bed, and the irritated skin will GO away.

3. Chances of getting dark circles are higher during winters, Use Vaseline.

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Applying Vaseline under your eyes keeps it moisture, and prevent dark circles too.


4. Fight the annoying frizz

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With winters hair becomes all frizzy and starts standing on its end. Just take a mascara stick, put some good old Vaseline on it and comb the frizziness away.


5. Cracked heels bye bye

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Before going to sleep, just apply a generous amount of Vaseline on both your feet and it will heal the cracks and soften up your heels.

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