Top 6 Amazing Future Technologies That Will Surprise And Change The World!


Technology is going to play a significant role in the future of humankind , but not all future tech ideas threaten to have as fundamental impact as AI but many seek to improve various elements of our lives.

Here we will take look at some of the most amazing technology advancements that definitely will change our lives in future…


1. Artificial Intelligence

These days it is so impossible to look at the industry news without seeing something related to AI. The advancements being made in algorithms and compute capabilities has seen what was once the reserve of science fiction fully establish itself in science fact. There are significant concerns as to what impact AI could have on human kind, will it effectively make humans useless and take all our jobs? Will it turn evil and kill us all or enslave us in some kind of battery farm? Or will it simply improve humankind and how we go about our daily lives?

Well plenty of work still needs to be done to turn this into a reality, just a quick conversation with Siri, Alexa, or Cortana will give you enough evidence to show that this is the case. But this is a technology that really could fundamentally change humankind and that doesn’t come along very often.


2. Virtual Reality

Well, Virtual Reality has been around in one form or another for decades, but it’s only recently that technology has reached a point where it is actually better, it means that it might actually have some staying power.

It isn’t just being pitched now at gamers, it is trying to become an enterprise tool that will help people to work more efficiently and empower remote workers around the world.


3. Exoskeleton

A company called suitX created this mobility exoskeleton that is designed for disabled people.

The exoskeleton uses motors to move the wearers legs and now there is a non-motorised product called MAX, Modular Agile Exoskeleton.

The kit is designed to be worn by those that work in places like factories, warehouses etc who are disabled. It mechanically supports and augments the wearers musculoskeletal system in order to aid them when doing things like lifting heavy objects, squatting or bending.



4. 3D printed casts

Now its time to say goodbye to the traditional cast because 3D printed ones could revolutionise the treatment for broken bones.

Using 3D printing to create a lattice pattern cast combined with an ultrasound system a Turkish industrial designer called Deniz Karasahin says that it could help bones heal up to 40% faster.

The lattice design is to remove the nuisance of a smelly and itchy cast and the ultrasound system, known as LIPUS, can be applied for 20 minutes a day in order to help speed up the healing process.


5. Autonomous vehicles

Concept 26

The driverless car or autonomous vehicle is attracting interest of us all and also investment from car manufacturers and tech companies around the world.

Samsung recently made an $8bn investment into driverless cars and the likes of Google is also investing heavily in making this a reality. Soon it will be hitting the market and would be such a fun to see.


6. Probuphine


This is a modern way of administering treatment through implants. This idea is designed to help the patients to beat drug addiction through the implanting of tube-like flexible implants into a patient’s upper arm.

The implants, which are the size of a matchstick, are capable of drip-feeding a drug called Buprenorphine, a semi-synthetic opioid medication that is designed to combat a dependency on opioids. The drug is capable of fastening onto the same neural receptors that are triggered by heroin or narcotic painkiller use and they curb the patient’s desire to get high. The implants can be replaced every six months but they basically work like a microscopic IV.


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