Top 6 Best Probiotic Foods For Your Better Gut Health

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Best Probiotic Foods –

Foods with healthy bacteria can help you get healthy, feel better and reduce weight too—here are the top 6 best probiotic foods for you!


1. Yogurt

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The most famous probiotic food is yogurt. Greek or regular, low-fat or full-fat, all are good for your gut. Although choose a plain yogurt having less sugar than the flavored ones is a better choice. Just be sure to aim for fewer than 15 grams of the sweet stuff per serving; sugar can feed the bad bugs in your gut.

2. Sourdough bread

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Mildly sour, chewy bread is made with a lactic acid starter that contains strains of lactobacillus, a friendly type of bacteria that adds good microbes into the bakery staple. (Experts also say fiber-rich whole grain bread can also reduce a post-meal blood sugar spike).

3. Pickles

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Fermenting a cucumber into a pickle amps up a cuke’s powers, infusing the crunchy veggie with probiotics. Look for those made with brine (salt and water) rather than vinegar. You can also use water, salt, and spices to naturally culture veggies like beets, green beans, and carrots at home.

4. Cultured soymilk

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Cultured soymilk or soy yogurt is a non-dairy alternative that also boasts live active cultures. These products are fortified with calcium and vitamin D to make them comparable to dairy yogurts. It is a great option if you are vegan or lactose intolerant.

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