Top 7 Most Annoying Things In Life You Deal With Everyday

Well, Not to freak out… Yes I will not…I Am Strong..I will not freak out..ummm…FREAKING OUT!”

Here are the Top 7 Most Annoying Things In Life You Deal With Everyday..

1. Always Messed Up


God how to get rid of it, pain and suffering you’ll have to go through to arrange the messed up earphones is just not worth.


2. Where Is The Remote..?


Every time you lie there in bed to relax and do not want to get up and suddenly you get to know that you left the remote by the tv, its time to get mad at the world again.


3.  Urrggg Hang Nails Again.


This seems to be a very tiny problem but actually is very annoying and hurting. Everyone hates it. Why can`t you just sit at home and eat worms!


4. Please No More Game Invites.


Just clear this mess up right now, no one as ever accepted a Facebook invite to play any game…EVER. So please get out of your dreamland and stop this damn thing.


5. Bad Toilet Seats.

This happens a lot and every time i have to face it i get mad about every god damn thing in this world. This can also be the reason for next world war.


6. Half Empty Packets Of Chips.

Biggest scam in the food history is the newly opened, but only half full bag of chips. They say it’s to prevent potato chips from becoming potato crumbs, but i feel the other way round that potato crumbs will be better than this half a bag of air.


7. Getting stuck in traffic.


Everyday, Every time, Everywhere. It is the most annoying thing for everyone when getting late but we can not do anything about it rather than sitting back wasting time and ignooooring.

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