Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

What are the Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones? Do you want to know how to unlock an Android phone without a password or pattern? Follow these top ten greatest Android phone unlocking techniques.

For privacy, most individuals use a screen lock pattern or password on their cellphones. It is critical to creating a screen lock password or pattern to prevent others from accessing your phone and personal info. The built-in pattern lock tool gives an additional degree of protection to the Android smartphone. To protect personal data from prying eyes, the pattern lock on the device must be activated. However, technology has advanced, and today fingerprint sensor mobile phones are available. However, such phones also provide the ability to unlock phones using a password or pattern.

The pattern lock protects the device against illegal access, however, the main issue arises when the pattern lock is forgotten. You’ve probably been in a bad circumstance when you forgot the newly established pattern lock or password on your Android handset.

If you know how to unlock android phones without a password, that’s great; otherwise, you’ll need to discover the best techniques to unlock android phones if you’ve forgotten the password or pattern without having any technical knowledge.

Top 10 Best Android Phone Unlocking Methods

There are several lock applications for Android phones available nowadays to protect one’s privacy. However, it has been shown that many individuals forget the unlocking password and pattern. You may not be an expert in unlocking the locked Android smartphone with your magical fingertips and technological prowess! How can you unlock an Android phone if you’ve forgotten the password or pattern? It is one of the most frequently asked queries on the internet.

It is recommended to change the pattern lock at regular intervals to ensure safety, however, individuals are often preoccupied with other tasks and forget about the freshly established pattern lock. These people would undoubtedly choose to discover how to unlock android phones rather than hire mobile repair pros. Do you want to learn the best methods for unlocking a locked Android smartphone? You’ve come to the correct location!

You don’t have to spend any more time looking for how to unlock a smartphone without a password or a pattern since this post offers detailed information on quickly unlocking Android phones.

10. Unlocking the Android phone via Factory Reset

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 1
Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

The quickest way to unlock any locked Android phone is to do a factory reset! Turn off your Android phone and wait a few seconds. At the same moment, press the ‘+’ volume key and the power button. Your Android device’s screen will show the recovery mode. Choose the Factory Reset option from the menu. You will be presented with a selection of alternatives, from which you must pick Wipe Cache Partition to Clean Data. When you’re finished, you may turn on your phone. It has been unlocked!

This approach will undoubtedly unlock the cellphone, but the dangerous aspect is that you will lose all of your stored data in the phone memory since this method will destroy all of the data. However, if you’re looking for a way to unlock an Android phone without a Google account, this is the one.

9. Overloading the Password Lock Screen

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 2
Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

You may use this method if you have an Android handset running version 5.0-5.1.1. This method will assist in circumventing the password lock screen. This strategy is also inapplicable to devices that are protected by a PIN or a pattern. This strategy is likewise inapplicable on smartphones running other Android versions.

8. Unlocking locked Android phone using ADM

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 3
Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

If you’re looking for a way to unlock an Android phone without doing a factory reset, ADM can help! Using ADM- Android Smartphone Manager, anybody can rapidly unlock a locked Android device from a desktop or laptop computer. Launch the web browser on your PC and go to the android device management webpage. Log in with your Google account. Click the lock option that appears on the site. Enter and confirm a new password. Restart the locked Android device and enter the new password. You may now unlock your phone!

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7. Unlocking an Android phone after exceeding the maximum number of Attempts

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 4
Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

You can’t overlook this approach while learning about the best methods to unlock android phones if you forget the password or pattern. When a person forgets the unlocking pattern, it is natural to try to unlock the device, but this may be futile if you surpass the maximum number of pattern tries. With this approach, you just avoid exceeding a maximum number of tries and try as many times as necessary until the device is unlocked. Hold down the power button and choose the reboot option to enable the device to reboot on its own! This approach is straightforward, and you may input the likely patterns for unlocking the device without losing any data.

6. Bypass the Pattern Lock

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 5
Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

If the aforementioned method of unlocking Android phones using easy steps does not work for you, try the method of bypassing the pattern lock. The locked Android smartphone must have an active data connection. If you drew the incorrect pattern 5 times, you’d receive a message to try again in 30 seconds. After that, you’ll see the option ‘Forgot Password,’ which you should hit on. The last step in this approach is to input the Gmail account and password that were previously used on the locked device. Log in to your account and create a new pattern lock!

5. Unlock Android device without losing Data

How can you simply unlock Android phones without erasing the data on the device? It’s not easy, but it’s also not tough! Install the Android phone’s USB driver on the PC. The device must be flashed with a custom recovery such as Cwm, Twrp, Ctr, and so on. Restart the device and install the ADB quick boot drivers. It must be extracted from any folder. Set the device’s custom recovery and click on the Mounts and Storage option when it has successfully restarted. This step would mount the Android device’s data folder to the PC’s storage space. Simply restart the phone. Your phone reboots and unlocks without erasing any data.

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4. Unlocking an Android device without having an Internet Connection

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 6
Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

Turn off the Android smartphone and simultaneously hit the Power button and the volume ‘+’ key. Select factory reset/wipe data from the ‘Choose recovery mode’ menu. Select ‘Yes- remove user data.’ Now restart the smartphone; your device has been unlocked!

3. Unlocking the Android phone after too many wrong patterns and without ID and Password

If your Android phone is locked because you tried the erroneous pattern more than 20 times, you will need a Google account ID and password. If you are unsure about the ID/Password, just switch your phone off. Long-press three keys at the same time, namely the menu key, the power key, and the ‘+’ volume key. When you see the brand’s name on the screen, press all three keys at the same time! Android system recovery is now visible on the screen. Using the volume keys, choose the option- erase data/Factory reset. When you choose the ‘Yes’ option, the device will be reset and unlocked.

2. Unlocking locked Samsung devices powered by Android

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 7
Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

If you have an Android-powered Samsung mobile, you can utilize the Find My Mobile feature. Go to This method is only applicable to devices that are registered with this utility. Connecting the gadget to the internet is required. Please sign in to your Samsung account. You would be given a selection of possibilities. You must choose the Unlock my Screen option from the Protect my device heading.

1. Disabling the lock screen with Android SDK

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 8
Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

Download, install and extract the contents and files from the relevant Android SDK. This approach will only work if the device has USB debugging enabled, which may be done in the developer menu of an Android device. It is a trick that needs intense attention and a precise understanding of the process. After you’ve completed the steps, you’ll need to unplug the USB cable and restart your phone.

You may do a comprehensive study to find the finest suited technique for your gadget and situation. The above-mentioned techniques are tried-and-true ways used by specialists to unlock Android-powered Smartphones.

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