Troll Pics Daily Afternoon Funny Pics of The Day

Here are some troll pics which are so funny that they can make your day.

The advertising writers must be really good

When you attempt something extraordinary according to you but it is just a joke for the general public.

The boy gave a heart attack to the dad

And yeah most probably he does not even know the word he was continuously using. May be it was an attempt to get to his father.

Worth a thousand dollars ornaments

How in the mood of celebration you can be to prepare such an epic item.


The harsh reality of life explained

Someone just told me that santa is not real and I am still in the shock zone. So please no more for today.


The superhero and heroine together

Is loki trying to do ballerina here. We are not sure but if you are please bother to inform us in the comment section below.

The toughest question asked to a parent

The most honest reply on parenting heard in a long period of time.

This kind of joke is not at all cool

I hope they have not sold the oven door to people.

The perfect pair to go both uphill and downhill

Fiction is always inspired by real life and here we can see that.

Remembering the good old times

When present sucks and you want to live in a past world.

The prank gone wrong

All I can wonder is what if the guy finally finds the prankster.

We  use more recent technology than them

The stickers are nothing compared to the reality of our roads.


Who arranged it like this

The master crafter of the house.

This the city for us

I wonder how many sip the city can offer.

Heavily trolled

It is not always cool to let others answer for yourself.

Music to my ears

The shopping freak is out.

The new generation doctor

You don’t have to do operation all the time, Photoshop is good.

Aww Trump, yumm cake

This photo is the most emotional one in the whole collection.

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