Trolling the lazy people in the world

There are several lazy people our there who seems to have a competition of laziness with the other lazy people in the world. Many are our innovative designers who invent various type of things to support this group of people. However they are largely trolled for that too. Here are some examples of them.

Getting up to get a toilet paper is so tiresome

The talented guy has invented this spring machine so they don’t have to push their body to 2 centimeters in order to get what they want.

The tree is so new in the market. Hurry and get it

When you don’t ha e the energy to visit the market to buy a Christmas tree and you also have not cleaned your clothes in ages,you discover this.

The soft hands can not bear weight

When you are so fragile in structure that you can not even hold the bottle for net 4 seconds in order to get the drink.

The multi tasker guy we all have been

One talented technique every lazy person on the earth have applies. But this is the first step to get graduate in this skill of laziness.

The constant eater needs support

You do not have the patience to use your hands so many times to get the food in your mouth.

Coffee mugs for the new generation of lazy people

The mug which is helpful for making coffee and tea for the lazy people our there.

You are unable to walk a step

The steps for the people who are so afraid to take two steps in their life. But the question in my mind is… Who?

Because biting food takes energy

How much pain is eat to bite a banana or to cut it with knife. But the new technology is so advanced.

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