Dr June Almeida, a technician who discovered coronavirus first

who discovered coronavirus first

Dr June Almeida a technician who discovered coronavirus first time. The novel-coronavirus is a sub-type of a coronavirus first discovered in 1964. Dr June Almeida was from Scotland and she saw coronavirus in 1964 in her laboratory of London.

The first images of the corona Virus she captured appeared as surrounded by a halo or crown-like structure.

Almeida was born June Hart on 5 October 1930 in Glasgow, where she grew up in one of the tenements — apartment blocks — that form a distinctive feature of the urban Scottish landscape.

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Almeida was the daughter of a bus driver, she had to leave school at the age of 16 because she could not afford higher education. So as a laboratory technician she subsequently took up her first job. She moved to Canada after getting married to a Venezuelan artist. Then She began to work as an electron microscopy technician at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto. June Almeida having no formal qualifications but still, she had co-authored many Scientific publications on virus Structuretaht had not visualized before.

She then returned to work in London at St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School where Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was treated and diagnosed with COVID-19 Virus.

Dr Almeida later worked at the Postgraduate school of medicine in London, where she was awarded a doctorate.

She finished her career at the Wellcome Institute, where she was named on several patents within the field of imaging viruses.

After leaving Wellcome, Dr Almeida becomes a yoga teacher but went back to virology in an advisory role within the late 1980s when she helped take novel pictures of the HIV virus.

That time Dr David Tyrrell was running research at the common cold unit in Salisbury in Wiltshire. Dr Tyrrell had been studying nasal washings from volunteers and his team had found that they were able to grow quite a few common cold-associated viruses. Together here, Dr June. Dr Tyrelll tried growing some common cold associated viruses but get failed.

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Coronavirus discovered in 1960

After examining some specimens, Dr June. described it as similar to influenza viruses, but not exactly the same and her discovery was later known as the first human coronavirus. The pictures captured by Dr June Almeida were published in the Journal of General Virology.

who discovered coronavirus first in 1960
Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that have a halo or crown-like (corona) appearance when viewed under a microscope

Who named it Coronavirus

According to Mr Winter, it had been Dr Tyrrell and Dr Almeida, alongside Prof Tony Waterson, the person responsible at St Thomas’s, who named it coronavirus due to the crown or halo surrounding it on the viral image.

June Almeida died in 2007, at the age of 77.

Now 13 years after her death she is finally getting the recognition she deserves as a pioneer whose work sped up an understanding of the virus that’s currently spreading throughout the planet.


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