Top 5 World’s Most Unique Escalators, You Won`t Believe That Exist


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Escalators are one of the most expensive machines used by mankind ever. You can easily find them in huge shopping malls or metro stations, but nowadays you can also find them in various weird places with several designs. Let’s talk about the Top 5 World’s Most Unique Escalators, You Won`t Believe That Exist



1. Escalator in the slums, Colombia

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This humongous street escalator was set up in the poorest area of the second largest city in Colombia in 2011. Length of this escalator is 40 meters long and divided into 6 sections, and is accessible for people from different parts of the district.


2. Bicycle escalators, Norway

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This may look revolutionary to you, but such escalators are very common in Norway, especially in Trondheim. It was first installed in 1993. Since then, more and more cyclists used it to overcome the hills without any accident.


3. First underwater escalator, Taiwan

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This one is in Taiwan. Escalator goes through the aquarium full of sharks, colorful fish, stingrays, and other aquatic critters, swimming over your head. Best part of this escalator is that it goes up and down so you can see all kinds of sea monsters again and again.


4. World’s shortest escalator, Japan

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This is the shortest escalator of the world. It is in the More’s Department Store in Kawasaki, Japan. It only consists of 5 steps, and height is 83.4 cm.


5. World’s longest street escalator, Hong Kong

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This one is the longest street escalator in the world. Its length is 800 meters, And To get from start to end it will take you full 20 minutes.

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